Unit ills full 10011.pngUnit ills full 10012.pngUnit ills full 10013.pngUnit ills full 10014.pngUnit ills full 10015.pngUnit ills full 10016.pngUnit ills full 10017.png
Unit ills full 10021.pngUnit ills full 10022.pngUnit ills full 10023.pngUnit ills full 10024.pngUnit ills full 10025.png
Unit ills full 10030.png
Unit ills full 10031.pngUnit ills full 10032.png
Unit ills full 10040.pngUnit ills full 10041.pngUnit ills full 10042.png
Unit ills full 10050.png
Unit ills full 10051.pngUnit ills full 10052.png
Unit ills full 10061.pngUnit ills full 10062.pngUnit ills full 10063.png
Unit ills full 10071.png
Unit ills full 10072.png
Unit ills full 10081.png
Unit ills full 10082.png
Unit ills full 10083.png
Unit ills full 10092.pngUnit ills full 10093.pngUnit ills full 10094.pngUnit ills full 10095.png
Unit ills full 10102.pngUnit ills full 10103.pngUnit ills full 10104.pngUnit ills full 10105.png
Unit ills full 10112.png
Unit ills full 10113.pngUnit ills full 10114.pngUnit ills full 10115.png
Unit ills full 10122.png
Unit ills full 10123.pngUnit ills full 10124.pngUnit ills full 10125.pngUnit ills full 10126.pngUnit ills full 10127.png
Unit ills full 10130.pngUnit ills full 10131.pngUnit ills full 10132.pngUnit ills full 10133.png
Unit ills full 10141.pngUnit ills full 10142.pngUnit ills full 10143.pngUnit ills full 10144.png
Unit ills full 10152.png
Unit ills full 10153.pngUnit ills full 10154.pngUnit ills full 10155.png
Unit ills full 10162.png
Unit ills full 10163.pngUnit ills full 10164.pngUnit ills full 10165.png
Unit ills full 10171.png
Unit ills full 10172.png
Unit ills full 10181.pngUnit ills full 10182.png
Unit ills full 10191.png
Unit ills full 10202.pngUnit ills full 10203.pngUnit ills full 10204.png
Unit ills full 10212.pngUnit ills full 10213.pngUnit ills full 10214.pngUnit ills full 10215.png
Unit ills full 10222.pngUnit ills full 10223.png
Unit ills full 10233.pngUnit ills full 10234.pngUnit ills full 10235.pngUnit ills full 10236.png
Unit ills full 10243.png
Unit ills full 10244.png
Unit ills full 10253.pngUnit ills full 10254.pngUnit ills full 10255.pngUnit ills full 10256.png
Unit ills full 10261.pngUnit ills full 10262.png
Unit ills full 10273.pngUnit ills full 10274.pngUnit ills full 10275.png
Unit ills full 10283.pngUnit ills full 10284.pngUnit ills full 10285.png
Unit ills full 10293.pngUnit ills full 10294.pngUnit ills full 10295.png
Unit ills full 10312.png
Unit ills full 10302.png
Unit ills full 10333.pngUnit ills full 10334.pngUnit ills full 10335.pngUnit ills full 10336.png
Unit ills full 10344.png
Unit ills full 10363.pngUnit ills full 10364.pngUnit ills full 10365.pngUnit ills full 10366.png
Unit ills full 10373.pngUnit ills full 10374.pngUnit ills full 10375.png
Unit ills full 10443.png
Unit ills full 10444.pngUnit ills full 10445.png
Unit ills full 10452.png
Unit ills full 10463.pngUnit ills full 10464.pngUnit ills full 10465.pngUnit ills full 10466.png
Unit ills full 10493.pngUnit ills full 10494.pngUnit ills full 10495.pngUnit ills full 10073.png
Unit ills full 10503.pngUnit ills full 10504.pngUnit ills full 10505.png
Unit ills full 10543.pngUnit ills full 10544.pngUnit ills full 10545.pngUnit ills full 10313.pngUnit ills full 10145.png
Unit ills full 10553.pngUnit ills full 10554.pngUnit ills full 10555.pngUnit ills full 10556.pngUnit ills full 10557.pngUnit ills full 10245.png
Unit ills full 10583.pngUnit ills full 10584.pngUnit ills full 10585.png
Unit ills full 10354.png
Unit ills full 10594.pngUnit ills full 10595.pngUnit ills full 10596.png
Unit ills full 10604.pngUnit ills full 10605.pngUnit ills full 10606.png
Unit ills full 10612.pngUnit ills full 10613.png
Unit ills full 10634.pngUnit ills full 10635.pngUnit ills full 10636.png
Unit ills full 10644.pngUnit ills full 10645.pngUnit ills full 10646.png
Unit ills full 10514.png
Unit ills full 10515.pngUnit ills full 10516.png
Unit ills full 10664.pngUnit ills full 10665.pngUnit ills full 10666.png
Unit ills full 10674.pngUnit ills full 10675.pngUnit ills full 10676.png
Unit ills full 10622.png
Unit ills full 10623.png
Unit ills full 10684.pngUnit ills full 10685.pngUnit ills full 10686.png
Unit ills full 10734.pngUnit ills full 10735.pngUnit ills full 10736.pngUnit ills full 10737.pngUnit ills full 10286.png
Unit ills full 10754.pngUnit ills full 10755.pngUnit ills full 10756.png
Unit ills full 10774.pngUnit ills full 10775.pngUnit ills full 10776.png
Unit ills full 10794.pngUnit ills full 10795.pngUnit ills full 10796.pngUnit ills full 10116.png
Unit ills full 10804.pngUnit ills full 10805.pngUnit ills full 10806.png
Unit ills full 10824.pngUnit ills full 10825.pngUnit ills full 10826.png
Unit ills full 10433.pngUnit ills full 10434.pngUnit ills full 10435.png
style="visibility:hidden;"style="visibility:hidden;"| Unit ills full 10846.pngUnit ills full 10847.png
Unit ills full 10864.pngUnit ills full 10865.pngUnit ills full 10866.png
Unit ills full 10884.pngUnit ills full 10885.pngUnit ills full 10886.pngUnit ills full 10757.pngUnit ills full 10897.pngUnit ills full 10897.png
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style="visibility:hidden;"style="visibility:hidden;"| Unit ills full 10946.pngUnit ills full 10947.png
style="visibility:hidden;"style="visibility:hidden;"| Unit ills full 10976.pngUnit ills full 10977.png
Unit ills full 10743.png
Unit ills full 10744.png
style="visibility:hidden;"style="visibility:hidden;"| Unit ills full 10996.pngUnit ills full 10997.png
style="visibility:hidden;"style="visibility:hidden;"| Unit ills full 11016.pngUnit ills full 11017.png
Unit ills full 11077.png{{{{{Node-count limit exceeded}}}|Zaboeth lord oscuro|

}}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shida manipolat.| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shida esecutrice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shida dio morte| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shida Omega della morte| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Memetes| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hades Re Inferi| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lodaga Dio morte| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dilias infernale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alice falciatrice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alice Dea falce| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alice mietitrice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alice regina infernale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alice Amabile Principessa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ninfa di tenebre| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Spirito tenebre| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Idolo di tenebre| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Totem di tenebre| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fantasma metallo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Re del metallo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dio del metallo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ymytas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ymytas alato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ymytas drago| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Oboro ninja| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Oboro assassino| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Oboro ombra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Oboro ombra rossa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lemia necromante| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lemia anima div.| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lemia delle anime| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kikuri gotica| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kikuri idolo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kikuri dea morte| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kikuri idolo demon.| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Folletto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Incubo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zeul giocatore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zeul ingannatore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pentola oscura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bahvel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bahvel imp. Nero| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ymytas metallo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Discepolo Zebra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zebra Dio folle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Madia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Madia sib. notte| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duel-GX| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duel-GX II| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duel-SGX| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ragno oscuro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Arachna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lira mezzosangue| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lira magistra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lira mangia dèi| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Logan lamescure| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Logan malelame| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Logan lame inferi| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Logan malvagio doppialama| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eru lamadoppia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eru il dio lamadoppia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eru draghi gemelli| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lunaris incantesimo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lunaris maledizione| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lunaris loto nero| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lunaris fascino notturno| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grahdens| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grahdens dio crepusc.| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grahdens tramonto lucente| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cristallo tenebre| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zefiro lama nera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zefiro guer. nero| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zefiro sign. nero| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eric riff magici| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eric melodie cupe| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eric assolo tetro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kajah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kajah maligno| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kajah dio male| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kajah vendetta oscura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Discepola Mare| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mare ardente| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lilly Matah la dittatrice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lilly Matah l'imperatrice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lilly Matah la tiranna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elza degli inferi| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elza regina inferi| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elza dea inferi| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Discepolo Zurg| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zurg dio rovina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kuda assassino| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kuda assass. fedele| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kuda maestro assass.| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lulujann| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cardes il malvagio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ardin ala oscura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ardin seraf. oscuro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ardin semidio osc.| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Oboro ombra chakra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Madia sib. eclissi| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iidor custode osc.| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Varfed severo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Borgeus dio demone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zergel lame oscure| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zergel pentalame| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zergel maestro lame| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zevalhua il Supremo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dio Mecha tenebre| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Feeva sfortuna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Feeva regina devastaz.| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Feeva imper. cataclisma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Feeva Oscurità Suprema| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ivris perla vuoto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ivris perla nebulosa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ivris tesoro galatt.| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bestia Afla Dilith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bilmera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Baldeura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Aaron atroce assassino| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Aaron fendispettro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Aaron intagliatombe| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuura gramaledizione| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuura male spettrale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuura gran maledizione| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Reis corazza nera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Reis democorazza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Reis corazza furia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kafka Serpenera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kafka Spettroserpe| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kafka Tetrobasilisco| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lymle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lymle Demonarco| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Charis Cercaombre| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Charis Maestro Spiriti| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Charis Mietianime| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Emgif tavoletta vuota| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deemo oscuro e la ragazza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deemo oscuro e la ragazza (Evoluzione)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rugrow drago onice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Regarus distruggitenebre| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Reviora ali tenebrose| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chrome forgiatore oscuro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chrome fabbro tenebroso| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chrome fabbro del flagello| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Febros cavaliere demoniaco| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Febros centauro paladino| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Febros kinnara sacro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elza Mietitrice Marzanna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Laberd lama maledetta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Laberd lama della condanna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Laberd mietitore di anime| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zefiro fantasma vincente| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Malbelle lame ultraterrene| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Malbelle armi occulte| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Malbelle killer spettrale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Melina inferno| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Melina assassina dell'Ade| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Melina del Tartaro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jade guerriero criminale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jade lama del peccato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jade demone malvagio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zeal cavaliere misterioso| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zeal oscurità profonda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zeal tenebre malva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kuda assalitore dell’ombra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eclise divinità oscura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eclise dea fosca| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eclise Artemide crepuscolare| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mizerka Terra oscura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mizerka Stagno torbido| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mizerka Ombra dell’Oceano| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ark Cav. Oracolo oscuro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ark Cav. Oracolo oscuro (Missione)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elza Graziosa Principessa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kalon Demone Eretico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kalon Distruzione Oscura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gregor Stregone Malvagio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gregor Demone del Tesoro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sonia principessa-leone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sonia sovrana ruggente| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Johan Anello Nobile| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Johan Catena Imperiale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zekuu Calmo Trionfo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zekuu Vittoria Esitante| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zeek Fanatico di Battaglie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zeek Maniaco di Guerra|

}}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pumburkiny| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jack Errante| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jack Lanciere Errante| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jack Cavaliere| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Skalmold| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacra Skalmold| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Perfida Skalmold| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|EtudreV| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|EtudreV sacro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dio etudreV| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lord Heinrich| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Conte Heinrich| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Re Heinrich| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cacciatore Alfa Heinrich| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Coal Cauldron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Coal Cauldron Metallico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Coal Cauldron Signore Guerra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Morgana| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fata Morgana| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Morgana caduta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Michele Asc. Natale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Michele Ascia Festiva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rospo robot| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sergio Innamorato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Svafa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacra Svafa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dea Svafa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|AymarkS| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|AymarkS sacra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dea aymarkS| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lord Cornelius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Conte Cornelius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Re Cornelius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ammiraglio Abissale Cornelius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gazolina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gazolina Spray| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gazolina Splash| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyber Viviana| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Viviana potenziata| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Viviana ed Excalibur| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tiara Apo. Natale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tiara Apo. Festiva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eir| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacra Eir| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dea Eir| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Douglas il Beato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|SotnarG| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|SotnarG sacro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dio sotnarG| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lady Jade| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Contessa Jade| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Regina Jade| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Voodoo Child| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Voodoo Child Mistico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Voodoo Child Possente| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Parsifal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Parsifal cavaliere| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Parsifal crociato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pugno Dilma Natalizio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pugno Dilma Festivo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rospo misterioso| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thrud| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacra Thrud| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dea Thrud| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|OssoloC| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|OssoloC sacro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dio ossoloC| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lord Jason| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Conte Jason| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Re Jason| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crash Belt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crash Belt Elevato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crash Belt Nitro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crash Belt Stratosferico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cavaliere corazzato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cavaliere misterioso| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mordred| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rashil Mago di Natale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rashil Mago Festivo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Idolo di Natale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Santa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Babbo generoso| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alvitr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacra Alvitr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dea Alvitr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Idolo specchio magico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|LlewxaM| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|LlewxaM sacra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dea llewxaM| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Llewxam Tessitrice di fato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lady Magena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Contessa Magena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Regina Magena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Imperatrice Predatrice Magena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blink| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bloody Blink| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bloody Blink Flash| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blink Angelo Vendicatore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Artù| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Re Artù| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Artù Avalon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fant. di Luce Natalizio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Re di Luce Natalizio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dio di Luce Natalizio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyborg Lilith II Natalizia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyborg Lilith II Festiva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Geirdriful| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacra Geirdriful| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dea Geirdriful| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|ArbeZ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|ArbeZ sacro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dio arbeZ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lady Lavinia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Contessa Lavinia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Regina Lavinia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lucy e il Piccolo Babau| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lucy e il Babau| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lucy e il Grande Babau| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lucy e il Principe Babau| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pig Bull| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pig Bull Terminatore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pig Bull Signore Guerra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Merlino| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mago Merlino| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Merlino caotico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Logan Lame Natalizie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Logan Lame Festivo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mermion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Don Juan Sergio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Idolo d'amore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Araldo di Yggdrasil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sagittario del Rinnovo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pesci della Tirannia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Capricorno della Devozione| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Acquario del Pianto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gemelli dell'Abominio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ariete dell'Asservimento| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Leone dell'Indifferenza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cancro del Sacrificio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Toro del Fato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bilancia del Giudizio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vergine della Virtù| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Scorpione dei Segreti| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Plumatachi Angelo Armato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gazolina Regina Bad Lands| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mai Shiranui (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mai Shiranui (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mai Shiranui (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kula Diamond (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kula Diamond (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kula Diamond (Onirica)|{{{Node-count limit exceeded|}} }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terry Bogard (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terry Bogard (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terry Bogard (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Benimaru Nikaido (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Benimaru Nikaido (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Benimaru Nikaido (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Athena Asamiya (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Athena Asamiya (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Athena Asamiya (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iori Yagami (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iori Yagami (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iori Yagami (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kyo Kusanagi (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kyo Kusanagi (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Omega Rugal (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Omega Rugal (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Freyja regina del duplice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Skalmold, ultima difesa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sedrac guida frattura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sedrac studioso fratture| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sedrac Esploratore Frattura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Amadeus Principe Chimerico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jade Imperatrice Contrita| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Enki, schiavo sacro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Enki, Gladiatore di Ur| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Enki, Divoratore di Regni| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Esecutrici della volontà| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ninmah, Luna di Nobiltà| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Esercito di Jack| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Galahad| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Galahad lancia da guerra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Galahad guardia reale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Artù cammino oscuro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ginevra Bell. Meccanica| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ginevra Potenziata| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lancillotto cap. pentito| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lancillotto regicida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rospo Onirico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sergio Santo dell’Amore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Julia Sacerdotessa Devota| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Julia Discepola d'Amore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Leona (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Leona (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Capitan Sesir| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sesir Guardiana della Pace| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jake Nitro Grog| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jake Capoguerra Nitro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Plumatachi Equilibratrice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Natalamé Ribelle Spietata| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Natalamé Killer Perfetta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cobalt Cacciatore di Tech| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cobalt Sovrano dei Tech| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Surt Apex Magma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Auhlavez Apex Sapienza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gilgamesh Apex Kaiser| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sheriff Apex Solitario| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Utheria Apex Imbattuta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ofiuco Apex Zodiacale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lico la vergine| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lico lama oscura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lico spada demon.| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cayena fanciulla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cayena esplosiva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cayena guerriera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Serin fanciulla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Serin pistolera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Serin dea armi| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bayley fanciulla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bayley feroce| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bayley selvaggia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fennia fanciulla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fennia assalto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fennia fulmine| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vanila fanciulla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vanila reg. cielo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vanila angelo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Xenon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Xenon guardia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Xenon Sir Sanco| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Estia damigella| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Principessa Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Xenon ed Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bulbo miracoloso| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rain| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rain (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fina (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Charlotte| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Charlotte (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lasswell (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lasswell (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lid (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lid (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Meiko| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Meiko cantata| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Meiko passione soprano| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kaito| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kaito sonata| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kaito rapsodia digitale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hatsune Miku diva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hatsune Miku dea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kagamine Rin voce| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kagamine Rin Gemelli| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kagamine Rin melodia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kagamine Len tastiera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kagamine Len Gemelli| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kagamine Len armonia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Megurine Luka duetto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Megurine Luka dolce| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Megurine Luka crescendo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fei maledetto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fei in rovina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fei esecrato| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fang cacciatrice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fang eroina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fei e Fang| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bonnie Mortale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bonnie Scintilla Fatale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bonnie Cannone Letale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bonnie Plasma Esplosivo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Carrol Morbida Coda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Carrol Cacciauova| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Carrol Giustiziuova| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Carrol Uova Colorate| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Korzan Berserker| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Korzan Distruttore Rosso| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Korzan Predone Infernale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Haile Maga Guerriera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Haile Oscurità Glaciale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Haile Tempesta Boreale| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Avani Capotribù| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Avani Domatrice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Avani Cacciamostri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nyala Pugile Squilibrata| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nyala Sicaria Oscura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nyala Pugno del Terrore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mikael Cavaliere| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mikael Paladino del Tuono| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mikael Campione di Tempesta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Allanon Bibliotecario| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Allanon Cronista| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Allanon Maestro di Folklore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nyami Gatto Randagio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nyami Gatto Selvaggio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nyami Gatto Ombra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Juno-Seto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Juno-Seto Port. d'Alba| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Juno-Seto Empirea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ensa-Taya| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ensa-Taya Fiore d'Umbra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ensa-Taya Pascià del vuoto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sakura Miku| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sakura Miku fiorente| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sakura Miku Mankai| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Azurai Signore Supremo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Azurai Portarovina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dizzy (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dizzy (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Millia (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Millia (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jack-O' (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jack-O' (Onirica)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ramlethal (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ramlethal (Onirica)| }}

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